Baffle Technology is REAL? Who else has it?

Okay so I noticed an edition to Yuri Golitsyn’s page, under the assasination tab.

" According to unconfirmed reports, Golitsyn was able to remain undetected in China by making use of experimental baffle technology developed by Pokrov."

Huh, I think, that’s weird let’s hover over baffle.

“A baffle is an enveloping garment or covering of any size fitted with cloaking functionality, most commonly a calcite lens array that deflects light in all three dimensions. Baffles render a user or object invisible to the naked eye as well as limited electronic surveillance. They are most effective in fixed positions, as their ray optics produce significant edge effects when used in motion.”

Excuse me??? He was literally wearing an invisibility cloak maybe??? Marketing on point because I am definitely baffled.


I know ! It’s crazy ! There’s a part of me that’s just so giddy about humanity now having access to a straight-up magic item ^^

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