Adira - separating fact from fiction

It’s clear that Zhupao/G6 believe Adira to be public enemy number one, but at the moment all we have is their word for it? Do we even know anything concrete about this Adira? Is Adira even their real name or is it just Zhupao’s internal codename for them? Neither mention of Adira on the omni pages for Zhupao and G6 have citations.

Zhupao abused G6’s biosurveillance capabilities looking for Adira. We have been led to believe it’s because Adira was behind the data breach. However, we can only take Zhupao’s word for it; they could be hunting down Adira for completely different reasons and we’d never know.

None of the Adira mentions have ever been edited, either, which leads me to believe it’s something they want public. Given how heavily edited these pages have been, everything left up has to have been approved, right?


i wouldn’t say that everything left unedited is necessarily approved. For example, the bit in G6’s article calling them “contentious” was left unedited until the 30th of september - took them a while to get to it.

Like yeah, they will edit article to make themselves look better, but even gigacorporations are made of people, and people are faillible. I woudln’t be surprised if someone just happened to forget to edit Adira’s mentions. Best thing to do is just keep an eye on them for now


Just throwing this out there, but could it be possible that Adira is simply…not real? Or at least not involved in this? And, following this assumption, would it be unthinkable to say that the data leak was either staged? Or accidentally caused, and simply being blamed on this mysterious character? It could also explain how no mentions of them have been edited, they want us to follow the line of thinking that Adira is a threat . I know I sound like a conspiracy theorist with a tin-foil hat right now, but it isn’t unthinkable, is it not?