Account security policy

A word from the team

Dear Omnipedians,

We’ve noticed a growing amount of concern on the topic of privacy and account security. We’d like to take this opportunity to clarify how Omnipedia ensures the safety of its users.

As most of you know, all Omnipedia accounts are automatically logged in with the latest G6 authentication protocols. Each Omnipedia account belongs to a single person, with the exception of authorised bots such as @Tychon.

Furthermore, we believe it’s a matter of public safety to notify whether an account has been linked to a positive CMD infection. Omnipedia aims to be a reliable source of truth, and people affected by CMD are known to be susceptible to misinformation and its spread.

We hope this clarifies any concerns you have.

— The Omnipedia Team

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With all do respect, I can’t actually believe that the concern of Omnipedia is public safety. If that were the case, wouldn’t you notify the affected accounts privately, first? Instead, Omnipedia has stuck a scarlet letter to our accounts and called it a good deed.

I don’t know how many of us are actually infected with CMD but I do know that it feels like Omnipedia is wielding the diagnosis like a weapon.

(If my account disappears after this post, it wasn’t the CMD.)

Thank you.


It seems to me that one possible other side of that coin is that a CMD diagnosis could be an awfully convenient excuse for limiting/changing individuals’ access to information. Maybe. Hypothetically.