Noticed something curious today and feel like I’m losing my mind.

Dunno if it’s related to https://talk.omnipedia.app/t/adira-is-a-what-now but on Efua and Yuri’s pages there’s a suggestion they were working on an anti-G6 AI “possibly called AДИРА”

A preliminary investigation of the rental flat in Dharwad revealed the presence of high-tech anti-surveillance equipment, including baffles, collocidals, and high-speed delivery drones. This equipment has been linked to Pokrov, which has reignited public interest in the theory that Amankwah-Crouse was working with Golitsyn on the development of an AI, possibly called AДИРА, with the capacity to penetrate G6’s quantum encryption.

Transliterated to the Latin alphabet, that spells (dun dun dunnn) ADIRA :astonished:

If AДИРА is an AI does that mean Adira isn’t a hacker group? Does it mean ADIRA isn’t “acquired DIRA”? Or could it be all three at once?

I’m sure Amankwah-Crouse and her fellow disappearees must have known about ADIRA, and also must have wanted to keep their (alleged) AI secret. If someone is memory-holing the real ADIRA and pushing the idea of a fictitious hacker group by the same name to muddy the water, why not follow suit and name your AI AДИРА after the very thing your enemy is trying to make everyone forget?


Yeah, that is really interesting! However I think we’d need a bit more info on AДИРА for it to mean all that much. There’s not any sort of source, it’s not even said who cooked up the theory of its existence, not really anything substantial. I’m not saying it isn’t important; right now there are just a lot of unknowns in it.

But if it turns out to be true that they were indeed working on something called AДИРА, I think they named it that way in order to hide it behind all of the “Adira the hacker” talk. Which in turn I think was made up by Zhupao or specifically Hagen or even De Silva to hide ADIRA.

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