Welcome to Omnipedia Talk!

Welcome! We are so glad you joined us for this season of :globe_with_meridians: Neurocracy 2.049 :globe_with_meridians:

This forum is a central repository for your weekly speculations, which we will consult for the writing of all ten episodes of Neurocracy 2.049. By roleplaying as Wikipedians discussing recent events of the future, your discussions will become the Talk Pages of Omnipedia, a record for anyone who comes in after the fact.

We invite you to post and debate your evolving theories in the speculation section specific to each episode of Neurocracy 2.049. This accommodates players who wish to consult the community’s notes on a specific episode without fear of spoiling information from the later ones.

We also have a real-time chat where you can talk with other players and share live reactions as each episode is released. Your speculations and enthusiasm will influence the weekly updates to Omnipedia, creating a TTRPG-like dialogue where we create the world and stories of Neurocracy 2.049 together.

If you previously had a profile on Omnipedia, you should be able to customise it here. If you need help or have a suggestion, feel free to reach out to @Joannes, @pyrofoux, or @Ambient.Impact.


Hi, can I clarify whether we’re supposed to be posting OC or IC? Or if there are separate OC and IC categories, which category is which?

Do you mean “out of character” and “in character” with OC or IC? If so, the speculation category is where you can post theories in the guise of Omnipedia editors :smile:

Ah, yes, that’s what I meant! Thank you!