Introducing the Omnipedia Awards!

Hi everyone!

On this October 10th, an auspicious day in the world of Neurocracy 2.049, we thought it would be fitting to express our appreciation for the amazing contributions you’ve made :heart:

With that in mind, we’ve created ten customised badges and awarded them to our most prolific Omnipedians! Thank you all so much for giving life and personality to the pages of Omnipedia, they wouldn’t sing as they do without your glorious contributions :smiling_face:

Let’s put our hands together :clap: :clap:

:rat:The Lab Rat

:floppy_disk:The Archivist

:speaking_head:The Polyglot

:crown:The Prince & Princess

:books:The Librarian

:mushroom:The Fun Gal

:cat2:The (Too) Curious Cat

:slightly_smiling_face:The Man in Charge

:carrot:The Root of the Matter

:musical_score:The Lyricist


Speaking as one of the game masters, it’s been an absolute pleasure to play with you all this season.
Your investigations blew us away and I think we’re very lucky to have such a smart, fun and playful community.

These awards reflect your dedication to navigate and understand Neurocracy’s world¹.
To all the active posters and silent readers out there: Thank you so much :yellow_heart:

After this live release, Neurocracy is not finished per se but will probably enter another form of play, where activity will probably be less frequent but we’ll see a lot more readers who might occasionally post on the forum. There’s still a lot of mysteries to investigate after all, and all the clues are but a few clicks away.

I also heard whispers behind the curtain that our work as developers is not quite over. Expect to hear more from us, and as I like to say: Keep an open mite. :eye:

¹ Some awards required a little creativity and reflect our own ability to follow your digital footsteps.


These are absolutely amazing! I love all of them and adore how well they are tailored to each person. Thank you so much for coming up with these! <3


Aaaa these are awesome! Thank you so much for all the hard work, I absolutely love falling into the Neurocracy rabbithole over and over again and I can’t wait for what you’ve planned for the future! What an amazing and unique game, a masterpiece for sure and will forever be mentioned as one of my favorites when talking about games :heart: