Collective Action: Gaming The System

Apples and Oranges, I know, but coming from actually-working-links of the past to the preview-only-Omnipeda, I am iffed.

Hovering over a highlighted word only to be given a small, inconsequential snippet without references or editing history? Come on!


If Omnipedia is genuine in it’s description of how it operates, we should be able to collectively control which articles get unlocked next by repeatedly hovering over a specific underlined term!

It’s all explained here: Omnipedia | Omnipedia

Hope the Mods let this post exist long enough for us to agree on which term to algorithmically boost into the stratosphere!

Personally, I’d love to know more about how Omnipedia would describe the history of “differentiable neural computers (DNCs)”

Trying to decide if the preview only is actually due to man power (or AI power) or a more insidious attempt to withhold information. We’ve already seen that Tony and the gang are willing to delete entire article sections willy nilly.

I would love to know more about those involved with the EHE, like Clement.

going to log 10 minutes just hovering over T heo Clement,& DNCs, let’s see what happens!

Both feels likely here, with a side helping of generally wanting to control/influence the public narrative.

And I would also -love- to know more about Clement and the EHE.

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We got a picture of him on 6b’s page. Which was also subject to a massive rewrite. (My first post here.)